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Being a Positive and Authentic Voice

https://pastiebap.com/site-news/o00g77zp https://www.greenlifestylemarket.com/2022/11/17/5onfhko “The key is to not reflexively get defensive, but to treat people on social media as you would treat them in real life.”

https://gloriag.com.ar/mrnpm3f Season 2 Episode 33: Being a Positive and Authentic Voice with Dr. Ed Mariano 


Order Xanax Online Review Drs. Shillcutt and Mariano get real and talk: 

  • Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic information overload  
  • Discussing hard topics on social media 
  • Being a positive voice for marginalized groups 
  • Being a “Chief Cheerleader”  
  • The key to joy at work 

https://missafricausa.org/oepn9sa In this episode of The Brave Enough Show, I had a chance to speak with host Dr. Sasha Shillcutt about a variety of topics including #HeforShe, leadership, and maintaining a positive voice on social media. Enjoy!

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